Celebrating Occupational Therapy Month

Photo provided by Happy Day
Laura Nethken (Recordpub.com)
May 2, 2012
In conjunction with National Occupational Therapy Month, the therapists at Happy Day School in Franklin Township sponsored an ice cream social for students and staff. Students used their fine motor skills to put together special ice cream treats. Enjoying the event are occupational therapists Scott Phelps and Caitlin Anderson and occupational therapist assistants Minda McPike and Heather Trumbull with students Trinity J., Dylan S., Peyton N., and Paige C. Sue Spacgna, occupational therapist, also took part in the event. Occupational therapy works with students on skills such as hand skills, dressing, eating, using objects such as crayons, scissors, and adapted devices. They make splints and other assistive devices to help students use their arms and hands better. They do home visits to work with children under the age of 2, helping parents learn how to interact with their young children. For the 2- to 21-year-old students, they may work on switch activation, dressing, eating and stretch to tight arm muscles along with other functional skills. Occupational therapy staff at Happy Day are all employees of Portage Physical Therapists, Inc. of Ravenna.