Individual Highlight

June's Individual Highlight

Congratulations to Adult Services'

Individual Highlight of June

Jason Servey
Jason Servey has been employed with Portage Industries for approximately 17 years. During this time, Jason has worked many different jobs at PI, along with some community jobs. Jason is a very good worker, and can complete any work presented to him.
In Jason’s spare time, he enjoys reading, bowling, visiting with friends, and most importantly time with his family, such as vacations, dinners and playing card games. Jason likes to go to fairs, car races and other recreational activities.
Jason has an amazing talent of putting puzzles together, especially 3-D puzzles. He has put over a 2000 piece puzzle together.
Jason is a very pleasant person and likes to greet others. He will greet staff in other groups and the front office everyday he arrives. Jason is very polite in asking how you are and how was your evening. We are lucky to have someone like Jason employed with us at Portage Industries.

Congratulations Jason!