Parent Council for Portage County Developmental Disabilities


Parent Council for Portage County Developmental Disabilities Board Members

Parent Council
Left to right:
Debbie Kempisty – Secretary, Marla Sisley – Vice President, Annette Dowling – Treasurer, Cheri Michael – President

Mission Statement

Parent Council was formed back in the early 50s by several Portage County parents who had children with disabilities. They began working together to accomplish great goals. Those original members did fundraising and gathered volunteers to build and staff the original Happy Day School which was located where the current administration building stands today.
They had big dreams for their children and worked hard to see that it became a reality all those years ago.
After the school was built their fundraising never stopped. Ruth Haney, a former Parent Council member, made sound decisions on how to invest those hard earned dollars so that today we have a sizeable investment account.
Today, Parent Council has another big dream. It’s called “Build A Gym/Build A Life” with an annual 5K Run, Walk & Roll fundraising event, est. 2016. New money raised will be included with the investment capital fund to help create a significant, long lasting project just like those first members did back in the 50’s when they built the original Happy Day School. This gym would be a fully handicapped accessible building to hold events for the entire community. Typically, we have been helping families with unforeseen expenses such as purchasing appliances, furniture, medical necessities or other large items not covered by other funding sources. Everyone that we help has been paid with money from our fund for emergencies.
Our members today are parents, family, friends, teachers, SSA’s and providers who continue to meet on a monthly basis throughout the year.
Parent Council hosts guest speakers to educate parents on is-sues involving children or adults with disabilities.
We sponsor the Carnival, Santa Shops, Rummage Sale , May Dinner where more than 200 people attend for the fun, food and prizes, and the 5K Run, Walk & Roll.