Special Olympics Ohio - 2013 Area 10 Spring Games

The 2013 Area 10 Spring Games for Special Olympics was held on Saturday, May 4th at Medina High School. The Portage County Board of DD took athletes for Bocce, Track and Field, Volleyball, and Powerlifting. The day began with the opening ceremonies, the running of the torch, and the reciting of the Special Olympics oath, “let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.
Joe and Dawn showing off their track awards.     Ryan at the track.
1st photo: Joe Persavich and Dawn Liotta
2nd photo: Ryan McCoy
Volleyball Team     Powerlifting Powerhouses
3rd photo: (Back Row) John Havel, Brandon Boyett, Logan Cox, Don Flegal, Jerry Dowling, Tatsyana Havel, (Front Row) Gerald Rogers, Shawna Gentile, Mike Havel, and Ken Fletcher
4th photo: Donny Shardy, Mike Mohan, and Becky Baldwin
Bocce (Doubles): 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons!
Athletes: Michele, Jean, Carley, Richard, Jim, Jason, Calvin, Maria, Sylvia, Danny, Scott, Joey, Shawn, and Deanna
Track and Field: 1st – 5th place ribbons!
Events: Softball throw, shot put, 50/100/400 walks, runs, relays, wheelchair race
Athletes: Chrissy, Brandon, Joe, Danielle, Kathy, Eric, Miranda, Adam, Allison, Kristin, Deanna, Kendra, Mason, Dawn, and Ryan
Volleyball: 2nd place ribbon!
Athletes: Donald, Mike, Brandon, Shawna, Logan, Jerry, Kenny, and Gerald
Powerlifting: 1st and 2nd place ribbons!
Athletes: Donny, Becky, Michael H, and Michael M
Congratulations to all of the athletes for doing their very best!