37th Annual Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest

2014 Shootout Participants
The 37th Annual Knights of Columbus Special Population Free Throw Shooting Contest was held on Saturday, 1/11/14 at Happy Day School. Thank you to all of the Knights from Portage County that were present and help keep this event going year after year. We had a great turn-out and the event was a huge success! All the participants were treated to Pizza, drinks, and a free t-shirt. Winners were given a new basketball. Special thanks goes out to Clarence Williams, PCBDD Recreation Coordinator, and his two assistants Connie Tarver and Patricia Wade.
2014 Shootout Winners
  • Brandon (age 10-19)
  • Ben (age 20-29)
  • Donny (age 30-39)    
  • Dave (age 40-49)
  • Calvin (age 50 and over)
  • Polly (age 20-29)
  • Angela (age 30-39)
  • Judy (age 40-49)
  • Kathy (age 50 and over)
Adaptive Net:
  • Angie, Charlie (age 20-29)
  • Bill (age 40 and over)
Congratulations to ALL of the participants!