School Bus Inspection (2015-2016)

Let's take a moment to offer a well-earned Congratulations and Thank you to our Transportation Department team! They just successfully completed their final bus inspection evaluation with the Ohio Department of Public Safety, a division of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.
The inspection was a greater challenge this year with the evaluation process moved up approximately two months earlier than last year. They met the challenge of getting ready with optimism and confidence. Only one vehicle was flagged for repair before it was permitted to return to service. This vehicle was found to have a small rust spot near the lift door that they wanted repaired to prevent further vehicle damage. The vehicle was in safe operation and compliance other than this issue.
This is another outstanding inspection and accomplishment for the care and maintenance of our vehicles. The transportation team received a special commendation letter for the 2014-2015 school year from the Department in October 2014. The Licensing and Commercial Standards section of the State Highway Patrol recognized the transportation team's professionalism and pride in maintaining a safe fleet of school buses.
Congratulations to everyone in the transportation department!