The Portage County Provider Person Centered Thinking Coalition

A group photo against the wall
The Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities is happy to share our Person Centered Thinking Champions!  This dedicated team of professionals provided a fantastic composition of key personnel from private provider agencies and county board programs.  The team participated in two, eight hour trainings on May 6th and 7th to gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of Person Centered Thinking and ultimately Person Centered Planning.
Barb Sapharas, Speech Language Pathologist and Mentor Trainer for Person centered Practices offered the team guidance and direction on learning the principles of Person Centered Thinking.  Barb is incredibly knowledgeable and entertaining in her training style.  She draws on her professional experiences spanning about 40 years in the developmental disabilities field and personal experiences of supporting her brother Nick, who had cerebral palsy through life and unfortunately his passing away a few years ago.  Barb brings and beautiful balance creating personal empowerment for those that use our supports and services with the conflict of professional and organizational limitations encountered in developing these plans.
Photo of group at tablesThe group quickly developed into a team during the two day training.  They connected and bonded to one another during the experience and found a common purpose to improve the service delivery system at each of their agencies and the county system as a whole.  The team has committed to capitalize on the training to benefit the people they support by making an concentrated effort of advancing the practices in each of our workplaces and Portage County.
I am looking forward to the wonderful things these champions of Person Centered Planning will accomplish in the near future through Person Served Empowerment!