Congratulations Graduate!

A group photo with Jamie

Determined. Sweet. Fun. Ornery. Dedicated. Joyful. Feisty. Resourceful. Focused. Earnest.

Photo of group at tablesThese adjectives came quickly to mind to those who worked closely with Jamie Guth. He came to school faithfully prepared every day to persevere through tasks which to an outsider might appear impossible. But not to Jamie. Through consistent hard work, a desire to be independent, a strong will, and a great sense of humor, he overcame obstacles and reached achievements that amazed, and even occasionally surprised, all who knew him. Once on a field trip, Jamie was not able to walk to his desired destination using his walker because he became too tired and we ran out of time. We returned to school and he walked the hallways daily to increase his stamina and strength. The following year we returned to the same location and Jamie made the same walk in seven minutes! Just one example of his tenacity.
The learning that took place during the years that Jamie attended Happy Day was not one sided. We as his teachers, therapists, volunteers, fellow students, and friends learned daily from his example of courageous commitment. We will be forever thankful for our years spent with Jamie and wish him happiness and success in his future endeavors.
I am looking forward to the wonderful things these champions of Person Centered Planning will accomplish in the near future through Person Served Empowerment!